SMART v1.0: A Database for Small Molecules with Functional Implications in Plants


We developed SMART v1.0 (, the first database for small molecules with functional implications in plants. The SMART database is devoted to providing and managing small molecules and their associated structural data, chemoinformatic data, protein targets, pathways and induced phenotype/function information. Currently, SMART v1.0 encompasses 1218 unique small molecules which are involved in multiple biological pathways. SMART v1.0 is featured with user-friendly interfaces, through which pathway-centered visualization of small molecules can be efficiently performed, and multiple types of searches (i.e., text search, structure similarity search and sequence similarity search) can be conveniently conducted. SMART v1.0 is also specifically designed to be a small molecule-sharing database, allowing users to release their newly discovered small molecules to public via the Contribute webpage. The SMART database will facilitate the comprehensive understanding of small molecules in complex biological processes in plants.

Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences
Beilei Lei
Associate Professor